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Quasar Led Lighting Co., Limited
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As a emerging Led Company, in order to explore an appropriate way which is adaptive to the global market, Quasar Led Lighting Co., Limited commit to using international advance management idea and culturing enterprise culture straightly. The company¡¯s core value is the embodiment of Quasar¡¯s  enterprise culture, including the following aspects: Mutual Respect & Trust, Professional & Concentration, Hi-efficient Execution and Value Creation. The unique core value exerts important influence on system management, talent foster and team construction. Many activities which are organized by company, for instance, the yearly travel, varying recreational activity, enhance the staffs¡¯ compliant granted and team spirit.
Mutual Respect & Trust
We believe that our colleague is the footstone of Quasar Led Lighting Co., Limited. A research team with diversity background is our power source. The three essential principles, Mutual Respect and trust, honesty and fair, achievement affirming, compose the fundamental of our team cooperation.
Professional & Concentration
Quasar Led Lighting Co., Limited is also a company dedicated to employee development, with special attention given to employees in the area of professional training programs and career development opportunities. We encourage our staffs to put forward their own advices about the development of our company and face the challenges bravely with a concentrative mind.
Hi-efficient Execution
Under a business condition varying from minute to minute, fleetly response and hi-efficient execution are our company"s lifeline. We oppose the windbaggary style and uphold concise executive force.
Value Creation
We believe that the behalves of customers and  employees is coherent during the process of value creation. Base on fair conditions and mutual trust, with the customers¡¯ demands at core, we commit to creating an agile organization structure and clipping decision system in order to realize the customers¡¯ core value reliably. We apply ourselves to provide a soul-stirring yard, so that they could actualize personal dreams during the process of customers¡¯ value creation. During this process, we expect to make our company to be sustainable development, guerdon the staffs that devote to the value creation process.

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